Superdry Joins Forces With Brooklyn Beckham To Champion The Brand's Sustainable Collections


Superdry teamed up with Brooklyn Beckham for the launch of our sustainable collections. An evolution of our original story and a modern-day take on Superdry's signature styles, championed by the newest member of the Superdry family.

Together, they explore how they can create a brighter future and deliver on our ambition to lead through style whilst leaving a positive environmental legacy. Constructed from recycled, materials, their new sustainable jackets collection, featuring Brooklyn, just got better. 

They've designed the largest collection of outerwear products using recycled fill of any major global brand, delivering a spectrum of colours, fits, styles and silhouettes all while using low impact recycled padding. You can look good while doing good.

"We have listened to our consumers and reset our brand ambition to ensure we leave a positive environmental legacy. Brooklyn Beckham supports that vision for a more sustainable future," says CEO Julian Dunkerton. "To have the endorsement of Brooklyn is a testament to what we're doing as a brand. As a business, we want to effect positive change for present and future generations, a generation that Brooklyn is speaking to."

Wearing their revived 100% organic cotton tees, 100% recycled padded longline jackets and their iconic vegan footwear, Brooklyn joins Superdry in their ongoing journey into the world of sustainable fashion. "Sustainability has always been an important cause for me so partnering with Superdry was an easy decision," says Brooklyn. "When I found out that they had the ambition to become the world's most sustainable listed fashion brand by 2030 I knew that I wanted to join in any way I could. I have been consistently impressed by the work they have done behind the scenes to meet their goal."

Brooklyn has curated an edit of his favourite pieces within their Sustainable Sourced collections, shot by LA-based photographer Justin Campbell, which include their 100% recycled, organic cotton and vegan-friendly trainers. Reinforcing future goals for the brand, such as 39% of all garments using organic, lower impact or recycled materials by the end of 2022, with their aim of 65% by 2025. 6,500 farmers are participating in their organic cotton conversion training programme in 2022, and they aim to work with 20,000 farmers by 2025. Their vegan trainers, registered by the Vegan Society, have been stress tested up to 250,000 times to ensure durability. The upper materials use up to 33% recycled content, with all components traced and checked up to 172 times to ensure they contain no animal traces. These are feel-good, elevated essentials for everyday style, and timeless investment pieces.

Superdry certify every single jacket. They know how many bottles have gone into creating the fill of each jacket. Depending on the size and fill required, 4-58 recycled bottles are used. This year alonethey've diverted 43.9 million plastic bottles from landfills, incineration and the ocean. Their ethos is not just about looking for sustainable options, it's about making sure we source high-performance materials that don't compromise on lasting wearability or exceptional style. Their recycled fill is just as warm as any other jacket fill and will last for years to come.