Red Nose Day 2022 with TKMaxx

TK Maxx

TKMAXX are passionate about working to make a positive, sustainable impact on the world in which we live and conduct our business.

They lauch and display the whole Red Nose Day 2022 collection featuring exclusive designs by 11 awesome artists. Money raised through the sale of our Red Nose Day collection provides vital funds for Comic Relief to help change the lives of children and young people in the UK and around the world. It was displayed in our Foyer.

TK Maxx and Homesense are supporting the BRC Climate Action Roadmap which is bringing together UK retailers to collaborate and reduce the impact of retail on the environment. The roadmap sets out how the UK retail industry can work together with its partners and supply chains to become a net zero industry, ahead of the government’s 2050 target. By 2040, the plan aims for customers to be able to buy products knowing that they are not contributing to climate change.